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Eärendil British Shorthairs Cattery
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Agua Dulce, CA 91350
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Once upon a time, in a land far away called Agua Dulce, there lived a mystical wizard named Eärendil. He lived with two servants in a small castle deep in a verdant green forest populated by many small fairies.  Eärendil's magic was very powerful but he never used it for his own benefit - he was best known far and wide for his love of animals, especially small, short-haired cats which he named "British Shorthairs." He knew that cats were givers of pure love and worked, with his servants, to better the British shorthair breed.

Wizard EarendilThe wizard Eärendil has been gone for many years now, but his servants Scott and Thora, with their assistant Laura, remain in Agua Dulce (located in present-day California, 45 miles north of Los Angeles).  Their small castle - which they named Eärendil Cattery 14 years ago in the wizard's honor - is filled with wondrous cats. Some of the cats have been seen in movies and television; others have brought home beautiful golden awards that were bestowed on them in cat shows. 

The Cattery itself was honored by USDA and Animal Control with a beautiful license, and visitors from those agencies show up unexpectedly for inspections 3 times each year. The cats are registered and shown exclusively in the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

Eärendil Cattery works with Feathergate and Ricehope Catteries.

These pages tell the story of the modern Earendil Cattery. Some of the fairies have left the forest temporarily to guide you. Just touch one of them gently to be on your way.



Menfreya Menfreya the fairy will take you to the Show Success page. Gaby Gaby's musical notes will transport you to the Working Cats page.
Bronzina Follow the lovely Bronzina to see the baby kittens. Roxanne The fairy Roxanne will lead you to the Pets and their Owners page.
Libby Libby the wood nymph will show you the way to our Moms and Dads. Wizard Earendril Follow Wizard Eärendil to his work room - see his favorite links, Rings, writings, and more
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